Houses on a canal in Papenburg, Germany at sunset

A Little Taste of Germany

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Southeastern Asia blog schedule for a few photos from my trip to Germany and Istanbul. I was there on self-assignment from September 10 through 18. Here is a little taste of what I saw.

Germany Street Photos: Papenburg

Papenburg is a tiny town in northwest Germany. The entire city is basically there to serve Meyer Werft, Germany’s largest producer of cruise ships and the city’s main employer. While the town is indeed tiny, it is picturesque beyond words. The city is bifurcated by a series of precious canals, all decorated along the sides with blooming flowers and art. Most of the canals serve as in-water museums for the city’s historical ships. Sadly, once you have walked the town and photographed the canals you have pretty much seen everything there is to see in Papenburg, but I thought it was worth a visit.

Boats on a canal at sunset in Papenburg, Germany

Canal with reflection of trees in Papenburg, Germany

Gallery on a canal in Papenburg, Germany

Church in Papenburg, Germany

Historic ship in Papenburg, Germany

Public park in Papenburg, Germany


Germany Street Photos: Hamburg

Hamburg is really growing on me. It has the cosmopolitan vibes of New York City without all the hustle and bustle. In addition, while most of the main part of the city is punctuated with modern architecture, as you look more closely at the city and visit the outside suburbs, the historical architecture comes more clearly into view. This is my second time in Hamburg, and I enjoyed the city even more on this visit mainly because I concentrated on the parks and areas outside the city centers.

Public park in Hamburg, Germany

If you make a trip to Hamburg, my recommendation is to visit the Deichtorhallen Museum (‘House of Photography’), where there was an exhaustive exhibit on street photography. Most of the ‘greats’ of street photography were represented, with the exception of Garry Winogrand (my personal favorite). After viewing the exhibit, I felt compelled to flex my own street photography skills. Some of the best street photography can be had in Hamburg’s main train station and along Mönckebergstrasse, the city’s principal shopping district.

Buildings in Hamburg, Germany

Old shops in Hamburg, Germany

Canal in Hamburg, Germany

St. Nicholas Church in Hamburg, Germany

Warehouse district in Hamburg, Germany

Boats in harbor in Hamburg, Germany

Women walking down street in Hamburg, Germany

Street photography in Hamburg, Germany

Street photography in Hamburg, Germany

Street photography in Hamburg, Germany


Germany Street Photos: Blankenese

In addition, I took a day trip to Blankenese – a seaside suburb of Hamburg located 45 minutes outside the city. This is a wealthy area with beautiful homes dotting the hills looking over the sea. There are fresh fish restaurants along the coast, and best of all…shipwrecks! Though the shipwrecks aren’t that spectacular, they were a good excuse to visit the area.

Seaside restaurant in Blankenese, Germany

People watching sailing ship in Blankenese, Germany

Sailing ship off coast of Blankenese, Germany

Kid on shore in Blankenese, Germany

Neighborhood in Blankenese, Germany


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