Laguna Baltinache in Black and White

Pool of water at Laguna Baltinache in black and white

So where did I leave off? Oh yes, my South America trip. After Easter Island, I headed back to the mainland of Chile. I started in Santiago, then moved north to Antofagasta, before driving across the Atacama Desert. The desert was beautiful, but it can’t hold a candle to Death Valley, in my opinion. Still, there was one highlight, and that was a trip to Laguna Baltinache. In today’s blog post I tell you everything you need to know about visiting, plus share with you my best photos of Laguna Baltinache in black and white.

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Easter Island Travel Guide

Moai statues at Rano Raraku for an Easter Island travel guide

Today’s blog is the first of many travel guides highlighting the cities I visited on my month-long trip through South America. I’m starting with Easter Island, my first destination and by far the highlight of my trip. Let’s dive in and find out why everyone should visit Isla de Pascua, as the Chileans call it, in today’s Easter Island travel guide.

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South America Trip Report

South America trip photo of a woman in La Paz

I’m finally back. After being gone for over a month, I have tales to tell and photos to share from my adventures down south. In today’s blog post I’ll give you an overview of my trip as well as a few tips for planning your own South American voyage.

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Hong Kong Street Photography: The View From the Ding Ding

Woman riding the ding ding for a Hong Kong street photography series called the view from the ding ding

Hong Kong is a hustling, bustling town, with many different ways to get around. One of the oldest, and most interesting, is the ding ding – a double-decker tramway running along Hennessy Road on Hong Kong Island. Riding in the ding ding gives you a quiet means of watching the world as it goes past. In today’s blog post, I present a street photography series of what I saw while riding the ding ding.

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Hong Kong Travel Guide

Night view of skyscrapers for a Hong Kong travel guide article

A friend of mine is headed off to Hong Kong this week, so I was inspired to regale you with tales of my trip to this wondrous city. So if you have always wanted to venture to the Far East, stay tuned for my general impressions of the city, details of the fantastic apartment I stayed in, and a list of all the things I did in today’s Hong Kong travel guide.

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Ho Chi Minh City Street Photos and Travel Guide

Street vendors in front of motorcycles for article on Ho Chi Minh City street photos

I have to admit that after visiting the idyllic, small town of Cai Be, Ho Chi Minh City was both a let down and overwhelming. It wasn’t until my last day in Ho Chi Minh City that I actually saw another side to the chaotic metropolis and grew to like it. Here, from a photographer’s perspective, are my Ho Chi Minh City street photos and travel guide.

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Cai Be Floating Markets

Fruit seller on boat for an article on the Cai Be Floating Markets

When you visit the floating markets of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, there are two main markets: Cai Rang and Cai Be. Cai Rang is the larger and more popular market, while Cai Be is tiny with only a few boats in operation. So is Cai Be even worth your time? Yes, if you’re interested in getting an authentic taste of small town Vietnam. Find out more in today’s blog on the Cai Be floating markets.

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Istanbul Street Photos

Blue Mosque exterior for an article on Istanbul street photos

My 19-Hour Adventure in Turkey

Believe it or not, I intentionally gave myself a 19-hour layover in Istanbul. I knew I would have limited time to see the sights, but it was definitely worth it. In today’s blog I tell you everything I saw and share with you the Istanbul street photos I took during my adventure.
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A Little Taste of Germany

Houses on a canal in Papenburg, Germany at sunset

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Southeastern Asia blog schedule for a few photos from my trip to Germany and Istanbul. I was there on self-assignment from September 10 through 18. Here is a little taste of what I saw.

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The Cai Rang Floating Markets

Worker at the Cai Rang Floating Markets

A Travel Guide for Can Tho, Vietnam

It was tough for me to write this blog post about the Cai Rang floating markets. On the one hand, the floating markets are a fascinating local experience that give visitors a taste of what life in Vietnam was like before the introduction of Western-style supermarkets. On the other hand, by circling the local sellers like a shark, I came away feeling that the locals were simply being gawked at without receiving any benefit from all of the attention. So with that forewarning in place, here is my travel guide for the Cai Rang floating markets and the city of Can Tho, Vietnam.

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