Las Vegas Street Photography & New Instagram Accounts

Slots A Fun in Las Vegas

As you may have seen from my Instagram (@KellyWPhotog), I am finally back from the wild blue yonder of Las Vegas. I was out west to attend the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) conference. Not that much news to report, but I did manage to take some street photos while I was there. […]

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Caladesi Island and Honeymoon Island

Sunset on Honeymoon Island

It’s the middle of the week, so I thought it might be a good time to share another dose of warmth from Florida. This time I am sharing with you photos from a recent trip I took to Caladesi Island and Honeymoon Island, both located just outside of Clearwater, Florida. Think warm thoughts, New York!

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Yeehaw Junction, Florida

Sign front at Yeehaw Junction

Happy new year, everyone!  As you can tell from my Instagram (@KellyWPhotog), I am still on vacation in Florida.  As such, I have been slow to get back to the social media grind.  I thought I might ease into the regular blog schedule by sharing a few photos from Florida with you.

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Photos of Governors Island

Governor's Island photos by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

I took a trip to Governors Island on Saturday (and again on Monday).  Here is my story:

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Trip to Dead Horse Bay

Dead Horse Bay photos by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Wednesday provided a much needed break from the rain and humidity, so I decided to celebrate with an adventure to Dead Horse Bay.  Not your typical way to spend a day off, but a fascinating lesson in NYC history nonetheless.  Find out how this beach got its name and enjoy photos from my trip that […]

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Anti-Trump Rally in Times Square

Anti-Trump rally in Times Square by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

I was on my way back from a wedding event, of all things, and heard this huge commotion coming from Times Square.  There were helicopters overhead, so I knew something was up.  Sure enough, a group of anti-Trump demonstrators were marching towards Times Square after protesting the candidate at a Republican black-tie affair uptown.  I […]

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Coney Island Creek

Coney Island Creek

Coney Island Creek is where rotting ships from the past rise to the surface every low tide.  I first visited this hidden spot years ago when you had to sneak in through the Home Depot parking lot to find it.  With a fancy new park surrounding the ships, the element of danger is perhaps gone, […]

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Most Holy Trinity Cemetery in Bushwick

Most Holy Trinity Cemetery in Bushwick by NYC photographer, Kelly Williams

My flight to Tampa is running an hour late, but that has given me enough time to finally edit my photos from a recent trip back to the Most Holy Trinity Cemetery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. In case you are not familiar with this cemetery – one of the oldest in NYC – you can read […]

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The 2016 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC

Bagpipe players at the 2016 St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC by photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Photos from today’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan.  Lots of crowds, especially around 47th Street.  I was caught in a group of, quite frankly, drunk idiots who created quite a dangerous situation pushing and shoving in an attempt to move against the crowd.  Color me paraded out for the day.  Enjoy the photos.

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Atlas Obscura Burlesque History Lecture

Ms. Tickle performing at the Atlas Obscura burlesque history lecture and cabaret performance

On Sunday, I attended the Atlas Obscura burlesque history lecture and cabaret performance at Acme Studios in Brooklyn.  Performing that night were Albert Cadabra, Dirty Martini, Gin Minsky, Corvette Le Face, Ms. Tickle and Melody Jane.  Here is a link to a full description of the evening.  Kudos to the barteners; the cocktails were mighty tasty.  […]

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