Bones II

Fine art portrait series on bones by NYC photographer, Kelly Williams

I have always wanted to go back to the portrait series I did many years ago at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C.  I finally had the chance this past Friday, and took a trip to the Natural History Museum here in New York City.  In comparing the two sets of photos, this new compilation has a more abstract look and the emphasis is on line, shape, and contrast as opposed to the actual skeletons themselves.  I paid special attention to reflections in the windows and how they created new forms.  What started out as an actual portrait series — a portrait of skeletons, that is — has morphed into a very different take on my experience of going to a museum.  These are not your usual tourist snapshots.  The plan is to take this series and perhaps merge it somehow with my ‘Watching/Watched’ series into a larger study on museums, exhibits, and who is watching who.  Stay tuned, and enjoy the pics.

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