New Orleans City Park

The live oaks in New Orleans’ City Park exist as they have for hundreds of years.

KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_ParkOverlay-1 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_ParkOverlay-2 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_ParkOverlay-3 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_ParkOverlay-4 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_ParkOverlay-5 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_ParkOverlay-6 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_ParkOverlay-7 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_ParkOverlay-8 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_ParkOverlay-9

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Windows on New Orleans

While walking the streets of the French Quarter, I peered through the following windows.

KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_Windows-1 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_Windows-2 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_Windows-3 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_Windows-4 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_Windows-5 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleans_Windows-6

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New Orleans in Black and White

For every experience during my trip to New Orleans, there was good and bad.  The French Quarter was quaint, but the city overall felt unsafe.  People were kind and approachable, but there is a definite undercurrent of racism.  On and on it went.  While my perspective is limited to that of a tourist, I make no apologies for my first impression of New Orleans.




KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleansBW-3 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleansBW-4 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleansBW-5 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleansBW-6 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleansBW-7 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_NewOrleansBW-8

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Crescent City Connection

In November, I took a trip to New Orleans.  My first trip there.  I’m glad to say I’ve been, and I would like to return to see more of New Orleans and of Louisiana at large.  I feel like my trip was limited to that of the perspective of a tourist, and that there is much more to see far and wide in Louisiana.  This post marks the first in a series of photos from the trip.  Every day I went somewhere new in New Orleans, and each day had a completely different tone.  As such, I’m splitting up the photos from the trip into separate postings.  Let’s begin with the Crescent City Connection…


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